Applied Neuroscience & Mental Health | ANAMH
Het GGZ Vaktijdschrift GGZV is een breed georiënteerd vaktijdschrift voor de geestelijke gezondheidszorg. Naast wetenschappelijke studies is er plaats voor opinie, wet en regelgeving, casuïstiek en verdieping over diagnostiek en therapievormen. Artikelen in GGZV worden geïndiceerd in Google Scholar.
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Applied Neuroscience & Mental Health | ANAMH

Applied Neuroscience and Mental Health

Aims and Scope

Applied Neuroscience and Mental Health provides a novel forum for the publication of high quality original contributions on all aspects of mental health and applied neuroscience. The journal is interdisciplinary and aims to integrate the neurosciences and behavioral sciences. Empirical, theoretical, review articles are encouraged in the following areas:

  • Brain and Digits: including programming for Brain Imaging, computerized aides, digital therapy and digital diagnostics.
  • Hyperscanning, Interhuman relations and Connections.
  • Negative outcome studies .*
  • Cardiovascular Psychophysiology: including studies of blood pressure, cardiac functioning and respiration.
  • Somatic psychophysiology: including muscle activity, eye movements and eye blinks.

* ANAMH supports the Initiative for Public Transparent Science by supporting negative outcome studies to be published publicly. 

Editorial Board

Geriatrics: E. Groot, Geriatrician
Neurobiology: M.M. Korpelshoek, Neurobiologist
Neuroscience: J.B. Deijen, Cognitief psychologist, UHD, Editor in Chief
Psychotherapy: C.B.R. Cornelisse, Psychotherapist
Digital Care and innovative studies: H.J. Engelbregt, Psychotherapist, Neuropsychologist

Rapid, efficient and free of costs* editorial process

Initial editorial screening prior to the review process within 3 weeks.

*Page Charges
Voluntary Page Charges
Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication, the author(s) or his/her/their company or institution will be asked to pay a charge of €50,- per page to cover part of the cost of publication.

Guide for authors

Journal reviewers wanted

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ISSN:     2773-1103 publications index for Applied Neuroscience And Mental Health (ANAMH) and GGZ Vaktijdschrift (GGZV)

Applied Neuroscience and Mental Health 2-1 will be completed at the 31st of December, advance article releases from January 2022



Applied Neuroscience and Mental Health 1-1-2-49 is published at the 27th of December 2021

  • Integrated Equine-Assisted Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (EASTPP) equals regular STPP and outperforms in overcoming core problems of  patients with personality problems: interpersonal sensitivity and self esteem
    G. Kovács, I. Noback and M-J. Enders-Slegers. Peer reviewed, open access, click here to read the original (pre)publication.
  • The effects of neurofeedback on attention and sleep in individuals with and without ADHD or insomnia: a literature review
    A. Koomen, D. Keeser, S. Verhagen. Peer reviewed, open access, click here to read the original (pre)publication.
  • Mind Support: A Systematic Review of Online Peer Support Platforms
    Noah Stapper, Gema Benavides Jimenez, Yasmin Barenco Abbas, Maya Homsy King. Peer reviewed, open access, click here to read the original (pre)publication.

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